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Bijamati. That Data Science company that teaches and does research as well!

Bijamati is a Calcutta, India based Data Science organization. We have outstanding courses in Data Science, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. We also offer data science solutions to companies who needs their projects done.


Learn by doingGet projects done


Learn by doing

Learn data science by doing active, real projects. Suitable for professionals who wish to keep their skills sharp and new learners, who are interested to start a career in data science. Students are certified after successful completion of 4 projects at Bijamati. 

What is 'learn by doing'?

Our in-house experts will be adding you to active projects. This may range from research projects to commercial projects. You will learn while working through the projects. This is the best (and possibly the only) way to be an expert in data science.

When will I be certified?

Usually your advisor at Bijamati will issue a certificate once you have done 4 projects (with considerable participation). The certificate will testify the skills you have earned in the projects. This can be used later to earn projects at Bijamati.

How can i join?

You may join initially for 2 months. Joining fee is  4899 for Indian residents (USD 149 for rest of the world) . This will include two or three weekly online training sessions

Get projects done

Are you looking for professional data analysis services. We have an active team of professionals, researchers and learners who can help you. Most of our projects are resolved in a turnkey basis. We are amongst the few organizations which also does in-house research in analytics. 


We have specific capabilities in Bioinformatics on SAS (jmp), R and very specific to Bioinformatics: Mothur (‘a single piece of open-source, expandable software to fill the bioinformatics needs of the microbial ecology community’), Picrust (a bioinformatics software package designed to predict metagenome functional content from marker gene (e.g., 16S rRNA) surveys and full genomes)

neural networks, machine learning

Bijamati has active researchers who have worked on Video Processing, Event classification, Action Recognition, Image Processing, Deep Neural
Networks, Machine Learning. Language / software capabilities include R, Python, Tensorflow, Matlab.

classical analytics

Bijamati has capabilities in classical data analytics, Big data ETL.
Languages: R, SAS, SQL, Hive

Process 1 – Course


Refresh your skills in calculus and statistics modules. These will be useful in the long run.


R, Python, Tensorflow. Develop a strong foundation in languages and softwares of the trade.


Work on a project to get started. Contribute in 4 projects to get the first certification.

advanced learning

Choose advanced modules such as Machine Learning, Bio-infomratics, Video processing to widen your skills.

Process 2 – hire


Plan your project with a personalized meeting with our team. 


Learn soft-details about the project to make educated decisions.


Test and re-test the final product to confirm the world-class quality that you deserve.


After-project service of Bijamati ensures any little tweaking and changes that you may need.

Featured Work of Our Team players

video processing

Spatio-temporal fusion techniques for Event Classification in Unconstrained Videos.

Video processing using deep learning techniques. 


Fresh water ecology in five-lakes region

Involved DNA sequencing and data processing.

Pattern Generator

Cellular automata-based recursive pseudoexhaustive test pattern generator

The scheme is optimal in the sense that the first \( 2^k\) vectors cover all adjacent k-bit spaces exhaustively. 

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About the Team

Bijamati team consists of professionals and researchers.

The team-players having amazing academic and research background from leading universities of the world. Learn more about the team.

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